Frequent Diner Program

Name Description
Loyalty Frequent Diner


Purchase $300 of food and drinks and recieve a $25.00 credit that will be put on your frequent diner card to spend at any time. Ask your server for details

Thanks for being a member of the New Loyalty
Frequent Diner Program at
The Pasta House Co High Ridge.
Look for new and exciting things to come

After you get your new card check out your points and
memeber information cut and paste the below link.


Any coments please let your server or the manger
know as we are always trying to improve our operations

We will be happy to look up your current points
Or look up if you have reward credits,
give us a call at 636-677-2711 or stop by

Loyaly Frequent Diner Program Rules

The Pasta House Co Loyalty

We are excited about the new Loyalty Program
at The Pasta House Co High Ridge.
The Program is simple for both the restaurant
and our Loyal Customers. It gives customers
the ability to look up and track their own points
on line. It provides instant rewards on customer’s
cards. We are proud to offer a unique program
with special benefits specifically designed with you,
our most loyal guests in mind

Rules of Loyalty Frequent Diner Program
For our Friends and Most Loyal Customers

o Members must be 18 years of age or older
o Loyalty Card must be presented at time of purchase with 1 point for every dollar spent and when you have spent $300.00 a $25.00 credit will be applied you’re your account and card.
o The PHC Loyalty Card is not valid with any other offers or discounts
o If you use a coupon or another promotional offer, you will not be issued points for the discounted items only on the cash spent
o Lost or Stolen cards are replaceable PHC is not responsible for lost cards with dollars on them. A minimal $2.00 fee may be applied for multiple lost cards.
o Points will not be issued for tax or tip
o Please allow 24 to 48 hours after joining for PHC staff member to update your enrollment information
o On line information can also be found at…..

o The amount will automatically be posted on your card.
o During the entire month of your birthday when you spend $20.00 or more a $10.00 credit will be posted on your card. Use it or loose it. When the month of your birthday ends so does the credit.
o During the entire month of your anniversary when you spend $30.00 or more a $15.00 credit will be available on your card. When the month ends, so does the offer.
o We will allow spouses to share in the points by using your last name, however we are only able to offer one birthday and one anniversary per member at this time.
o The Pasta House Co High Ridge reserves the right to audit any account and at our discretion cancel or suspend should fraud be suspected.
o The Pasta House Co. High Ridge Reserves the right to cancel the program and will provide 30 days notice to all members.
o Outstanding points are non transferable
o Employees and their families are not eligible to participate in the program
o Reward certificates are not valid for tax or gratuity Rewards may not be used to purchase Gift Certificates or Gift Baskets
o Dollars awarded on the card are not redeamble for cash and do not expire
o The card is intended for walk-in dining and bar customers
o Catering Orders or Outside the Restaurant Private Catering Parties will NOT be awarded points as the price of such events reflect the FD discounts
Inactivity of 1 year may result in the card being discontinued
o Please present your card at the time of purchase the server should print our your receipt and point totals, if they forget please ask them for a copy
o Points will be awarded on Gift Certificates purchased and not when redeemed.
o Use of this card and or participation in the program constitutes acceptance of all program rules

We are refreshing our loyalty plan and that is good. Frequency and size of transaction does make a difference, our intent is to recognize our most loyal customers. We hope this program is not just a discount program but a loyalty program. Customer recognition is very important with our program and we want to recognize you our most