Frequent Diner Loyalty Program

Sign up for our Frequent Diner Loyalty Program

Here is how it works:

Sign up for Free, each time you spend money at the restaurant hand your server your Loyalty Card. We will record your purchase and when you hit $300 dollars $25.00 will automatically be added to your loyalty card. The amount does not expire and can be used to purchase food and drinks in the restaurant or for carry outs. For complete rules go to the Frequent Diner Loyalty section at the top of this web site.

When you sign up let us know your birthday and wedding anniversary and a gift of $10.00 will be added to your card for your birthday and $15.00 will be added for your anniversary, good for the entire month of the event. For complete rules please visit the section Frequent Diner Loyalty section on the top of this web site.

When you sign up we ask for your email address, for two reasons. As a Loyal Customer we would like to send you notice of events and special offers and in the event we need to communicate with you we have your email address. You should expect limited emails and there is always the option to remove your email from our system. Your infomation will be kept in our system and private